The Prodigal Diva Returns!

The Prodigal Diva Returns!

Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Life has been a bit of a saga for the past year and change (and how much change there has been…) There was some kind of weird cosmic alignment going on in 2014,  because just about everyone I know experienced huge upheavals, major losses, and big transitions throughout the year. My tribe of choice lost one of our beloved friends– one of my housemates and a constant presence in my life for two decades– to a very aggressive cancer, and I offered what help or comfort I could to other loved ones who also lost family to cancer or battled it themselves. In my mild-mannered secret identity life, I shepherded a major website project through delays, slashed funding, and stretched-to-the-limit staff resources until we finally launched early this year. And in the fall, just as I was winding up to seek more bookings and blaze my way across every burlesque stage that would have me, my partner and I learned that we would need to move to a new home this winter.

Glittery Jersey Girl mug with lounging gnome statue

Glitter, coffee, and gnomes. That’s how I made it through 2014.

That’s about the time I decided to put everything on hiatus except for my project at work and the long process of sorting, purging, packing and moving.

Sometimes things have a way of making their own timeline, no matter what you thought you were going to do. I planned to get back in the saddle and resume performing and producing in March, but in the end, it took me until the end of May for the dust to settle enough that I could snag a last-minute booking with Barenaked Comedy and hit the stage again.

But so far, 2015 is a fantastic chapter to follow up the dark days of 2014. I’m in a beautiful new home (with a burly basement for rehearsing!) in an area I love and enough space for us and our stuff, some exciting new projects are on the horizon, and I’ve just updated my calendar here with all the glitterific shows I’ve got coming up in the next couple of months! I’m thrilled to be doing Whedonism: A Burlesque Tribute to Joss Whedon for the first time this Friday, and positively over the moon to be returning to Capital Fringe Festival this summer with not one but TWO fantastic shows, Barenaked Comedy and Burlesque Classique’s Vaudevillian Romp. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed that madcap Fringe energy and all the fun of hanging out at the bar, catching up with all the friends I inevitably run into there.

I’ve also been writing. I’m contributing to, the central hub for all things burlesque, variety, circus, vaudeville, etc in the DC area. I wrote an article there about burlesque and body image— check it out! My time away has also given me a lot of time to think about what I want to be writing here on this blog, and especially about the many goofy, ranty, and DIY-style posts I write in my personal social media spaces that I could be sharing here. So look for more (and, HabitRPG willing, more regular!) posts here as I find that sweet spot of what I like to write and what you all like to read.

It’s good to be back. =)

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