Press Clips and Show Reviews

Diva Darling in Bard and the Beautiful. Photo by Robert Escue.

Theatre Bloom, 10/9/16

“The Bard & the Beautiful by Twisted Knickers Burlesque at Yellow Sign Theatre”

Review by Mandy Gunther

“Living up to her name, Diva Darling opened the burlesque routines with a most mesmerizing act, which was indeed both prosperous and enchanting…Sensually invested in her strip-tease, Darling delivered a smolderingly slow seduction…”

Diva Darling as Titania and Sun King Davis as Oberon

DC Theatre Scene, 7/15/16

“A Midsummer’s Burlesque Dream (Review)”

4 out of 5 Stars

“…It’s a hell of a lot of fun, and there’s a hell of a lot of glitter. There are also some seriously stand-out performances. …Diva Darling is mesmerizing as Titania — and you have got to see her costume…”


DC Metro Theater Arts, 7/12/16

“2016 Capital Fringe Review: ‘A Midsummer’s Burlesque Dream’”

4 1/2 Star, Best of the 2016 Capital Fringe Rating

“Meanwhile, Oberon (the imposing Sun King Davis) and his hobgoblin Puck (a very well-cast, spunky Karen Beriss) plot to embarrass the Fairy Queen Titania (the fierce Diva Darling) with a magic flower. As we all know, chaos ensues. But never has chaos been so spectacular to watch!”

Many thanks to DC Metro Theater Arts for two Favorite Performance honors for Diva Darling, for Barenaked Comedy and Burlesque Classique’s Vaudevillian Romp, in their 2015 Capital Fringe Honors!

Thanks also for honors for Barenaked Comedy (Favorite Comedy, Favorite Shows of the Fringe) and Burlesque Classique’s Vaudevillian Romp (Favorite Dance & Physical Theater, Favorite Ensemble, Favorite Shows of the Fringe), and congratulations to Karen Beriss and Lola Rose for Favorite Performance honors for Burlesque Classique’s Vaudevillian Romp.

Burlesque Classique’s Vaudevillian Romp was awarded an extended run by the Capital Fringe Festival!


DC Metro Theatre Arts

“Review: Barenaked Comedy at Bier Baron

“Diva Darling closed the night with an awesome Evil Dead act to Pink’s “U + Ur Hand” where, after reading The Necronomicon (honestly when will these kids learn?), her hand becomes possessed. It’s a great premise for a burlesque act…”

Diva Darling performing in Vaudevillian Romp

DC Metro Theatre Arts

“2015 Capital Fringe Review: Burlesque Classique’s Vaudevillian Romp”

5 Star, “Best of the 2015 Capital Fringe” rating

“…Stagehand Diva Darling retrieves flung garments from the floor and Beriss strikes in with another classic bit…borrowing 50 bucks from her…the price of admission is worth it just for this bit alone! Diva pulls off the bewildered confusion perfectly as they fall into a traditional clown one and clown two dynamic straight from Abbott and Costello…The entreacts are many from Beriss, Diva, and Lola herself and all captivate in humorous moments of suspended disbelief that actually help to tie the show together.”

Diva Darling gets her moment in the limelight and does she ever shine in her red sequin dress that clings to every ripple and curve of her buxom body. With a sweet yet gravelly voice she sings and teases…

DC Metro Theatre Arts

DC Metro Theatre Arts

“2015 Capital Fringe Review: Barenaked Comedy”

5-star “Best of the 2015 Capital Fringe” rating

Between the women (tastefully) taking their clothes off and the comics serving up some real-life hilarity, there was enough craziness to leave the (sold-out) audience falling out of their chairs with laughter…If every group is as amazing as the one last night, future audiences are in for a real treat.”

Diva Darling, one of the burlesque dancers, left the crowd reeling with an act revolving around her hand being possessed by a sexually deviant demon.

DC Metro Theatre Arts

“BWW Reviews: Burlesque Classique Teases Their VAUDEVILLIAN ROMP”

Burlesque Classique’s “Vaudevillian Romp” is a great way to spend an evening at the Fringe.”

Diva, [in] particular with her ginormous voice brought the house down.

DC Theatre Scene

“Burlesque Classique’s Vaudevillian Romp”

Rated 5, Best of 2015 Capital Fringe

In all honesty, I don’t want to say too much about Burlesque Classique’s Vaudevillian Romp, because I’d be cheating you out of your ticket…What I can tell you is that the performance is really two sides of the same coin and is entertainment at its finest…On the burlesque side is a showcase of sultry soundtrack and snapping fingers…and the end result is something tangible, real, brimming with the confidence of a well rehearsed performance. The other side is a rich blend of puns, sleight of hand, and stand-up quality bits.”

Washington City Paper

“[Fringeworthy] Burlesque Duel: Barenaked Comedy vs. Vaudevillian Romp

The burlesque in both shows is topnotch, demonstrating a rich niche community of performers in our city…Both shows shared the captivating Dainty Dandridge for the shows I attended, and they also often share Diva Darling…both [shows] are winners. From the perspective of someone who has never seen a show like this before, both performances have a great atmosphere and are loads of fun.”