Femme de Plume

Woman startled by typewriter

As a woman, I am often startled by technology.

The existence of the Internet is a dream come true for me. I can remember being in my pre-teens, long before anyone had imagined blogs or personal websites or the Kindle marketplace, and wishing that there could be some way that I could have my own magazine where I could write and publish anything I felt like, whenever I got the urge to create something.

(Merry Christmas, proto-Diva. The Technology Fairy came through for you.)

This page is where I’ll be sharing news, links, and excerpts of my non-client work; you can also skip over to the blog for rants, reviews, DIYness, and your daily dose of weird. If you’re in the market to hire a writer, you can get an overview of my services.

In the Works

Woman with eyeshadow that matches her quill

I find that I also write more effectively when I color-coordinate my eye shadow to my quill.

My current project is a paranormal mystery/adventure novel about an itinerant and sometimes reluctant spirit worker, the first of a series. I’m nearing the end of the first draft and beginning to recruit beta readers to help me work it over. If you liked the Sookie Stackhouse novels or the Dresden Files, stay tuned– you’ll probably get a kick out of this one too.

One of my core values as a writer is to include characters, situations, and settings that don’t often get seen in mainstream media, or that get crap treatment when they do. If you feel the same rage and exhaustion that I do, if you’re longing to see female characters who care about more than getting married and making babies, if you believe that “strong” characters are not limited to gun-toting emotionless douchebags, if you’ve been waiting for the day that alternative religions or marginalized sexual orientations and lifestyles are treated as a normal element of character or story, you might like my stories. If you want to read about burners and circus people, homeless artists and hippie priestesses, welcome to my world. Want to see a fat girl portrayed as sexy, an older woman as relevant, trans* people as agency-possessing and mentally stable, people of color who aren’t there just to get murdered by the monster? So do I, and that’s why I write what I do. Even if I don’t get it right all the time, I’m not going to stop trying, because the world is about more than skinny pretty white girls desperate to find Mr. Right.

Stuff I’ve Done

I’m kind of a word slut. I’ll write just about anything once, twice if it gives me shivery feelings in my no-no place. Among my linguistic adventures are:

  • Zombie girl with huge pencil

    It’s said that I survived writing games. Not all my co-writers fared so well at the business end of my comically oversized and not at all phallic pencil.

    Co-writing short film scripts fueled by Chinese takeout and inadvisable levels of caffeine for the 48 Hour Film Project and the National Film Challenge
  • Creating a fresh stage adaptation of Dracula written and produced as an Equity showcase in NYC for the 100th anniversary of the publication of the novel
  • Collaborating on the script of Mirabilia, a magical realism fairy tale, that I produced for the Capital Fringe Festival
  • Co-writing a handful of role-playing games of various lengths, because it felt so good when I stopped
  • Creating written props for other games, from a newspaper article attributed to Hunter S. Thompson, to medieval marginalia about a magic penis ritual (…yup.)