DC, Diva-Style: Who Doesn’t Love Sassy Fairy Sex? (Midsummer’s Burlesque at Capital Fringe 2016)

I want to tell you all the stuff that I love in our Midsummer’s Burlesque Dream at Capital Fringe 2016 so that you will understand why you really NEED to come out and play with us, but since this *is* a Midsummer burlesque after all, let me just tease you with some of the reasons why you’ll come out of our show feeling upbeat and happy and energized and generally feeling great about life!

Can Fat Girls Wear High Heels? Pt. II: Learning to Walk, All Over Again

Part II of my 3-part Diva School series on how to wear high heels gracefully, even when you’re a thick chick. We’re getting ourselves some practice shoes, learning good posture, understanding what happens in our bodies when we stand in heels, and learning to walk again. Also: I am a pottymouth and often go off on weird little tangents. You have been warned.

Can Fat Girls Wear High Heels? Pt. I: Picking the Right Shoe

  Not long ago, I came across a video by a fatshionista blogger unboxing a pair of pretty foxy Louboutins. In the course of her review, she mentioned that other fat girls have asked her whether high stiletto heels can support the weight of a plus-size woman. As a die-hard heel addict myself, I was […]

Life on the (Capital) Fringe

Late one night this week, fresh from seeing some of DC’s best sideshow performers, I watched two of my friends dress up as giant whoopie cushions as they fake-tap-danced and told hilariously stupid jokes. Then we were all led in prayer to cilantro by St. Jimmy and sang auto-tuned hymns to Rachael Ray. Sound like […]

Why I Celebrated Marriage Equality Last Night

After the first blush of stunned awe and cheering about the Supreme Court’s historic ruling in favor of same sex marriage yesterday, I began seeing a lot of posts across my social media feeds that ranged from gentle reminders that the ruling is far from the end of the fight for social justice, to flat-out […]

The Prodigal Diva Returns!

Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Life has been a bit of a saga for the past year and change (and how much change there has been…) There was some kind of weird cosmic alignment going on in 2014,  because just about everyone I know experienced huge upheavals, major losses, and big transitions throughout […]

Vote for me for Best Burlesque Dancer in the Blade’s Best of Gay DC!

A few simple words can make your whole month: “Hey, I just wanted to give you a head’s up that you’ve been nominated in the category of Best Burlesque Dancer  for the Washington Blade‘s ‘Best of Gay DC’ this year!” Not gonna lie: I did a wiggly little dance in my chair the day I found […]

DC, Diva-style: La-Ti-Do at the Black Fox

As I descended the stairs in the Black Fox Lounge in Dupont, La-Ti-Do host Regie Cabico greeted me extravagantly and gave me a warm hug like we were old buddies, although we’d only just formally met about an hour ago when we fell to chatting at the upstairs bar. My coworker, who was there for […]

DC, Diva-style for May 2014: Spring Fever Has Us Foaming at the Mouth Edition

This is the first of  the “DC, Diva-style” series wherein I hook you up with the events that I think are going to be fantastic that month. Despite the name, I include northern Virginia and much of Maryland (specifically Baltimore) in my picks, so I can show you the seamy underbelly of the ENTIRE DMV […]

CatalystCon 2014, Day 1: Change is gonna come

It seems appropriate that the first post I write here should be about attending CatalystCon for the first time, because I am a catalyst, and I am also ready to be catalyzed in just the way that a conference full of sex nerds and activists and educators and artists can do. About being a catalyst: […]

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