Audition Information for “Tiresias’ Tits” at the 2017 Capital Fringe Festival

Eclectic Mayhem Productions presents:

Tiresias’ Tits

A Gender-bending Surrealist Burlesque

debuting as part of the 2017 Capital Fringe Festival

Audition Dates: Thursday, April 27th from 8-10 PM and Saturday, April 29th from 2-5 PM

Audition Location: Dance Exchange, 7117 Maple Ave, Takoma Park, MD (approx. 2.5 blocks from the Takoma Metro on the red line)

(Questions about auditions? Email– do not contact Dance Exchange, they will not have the information.)

IMPORTANT: Anyone interested in auditioning should fill out the audition form online prior to arrival.

Audition Format and Special Notes: Auditions for speaking roles will consist of reading sides. Auditions for dancing roles will involve learning a short, simple combination; please dress prepared to dance (bare feet or any soft-soled dance shoe is fine). We will be in a dance studio where no food, drink, or street shoes are permitted. If you have a headshot and resume, you are welcome to bring them, but if not, filling out the audition form online is all that’s required. Actors auditioning for the role of “The Director” (not the actual director…he’ll be pissed if someone tries to usurp him!) are encouraged to bring a short (about a minute) piece of their spoken-word work that showcases their style.

Show Dates (Show is in the Lang Theatre at the Atlas Performing Arts Center):

  • Sat 7/8 @ 9 PM
  • Thu 7/13 @ 9:15 PM
  • Sun 7/16 @ 2:45 PM
  • Tue 7/18 @ 5:15 PM
  • Fri 7/21 @ 8:15 PM
  • Sat 7/22 @ 7 PM

Directed by Sean Butler; produced and written by Rebecca Rose Vassy based  on the 1916 surrealist satire Les Mamelles de Tiresias by Apollinaire

Synopsis: Therese, a white feminist, has become sick of domestic life under the patriarchy as experienced at the bacon-loving hands of her hipster husband Mari. In her rage for independence, she finds herself transforming into the masculine Tiresias, and takes to the streets of the city’s neighborhood of Little Zanzibar to become an activist. While Tiresias organizes a citywide childbirth strike to protest injustice, Mari finds himself caught up in the grand schemes of a self-narrating detective and an aspiring reality TV mogul when he decides to take on the responsibility of bearing children– 40,049 of them, to be exact– and unwittingly assists with the investigation of a pair of buffoonish politicos who can’t stop killing each other. Throughout, Social Media presides over everything like the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg. In this wildly absurd modern adaptation of the first-ever surrealist play, scripted scenes frantically dry-hump burlesque and variety acts with the gusto of a teenager in the backseat of an old Buick, to an equally perplexing and largely immature climax.

Roles may be cast cross-gender, and genderqueer and performers of color and size are encouraged to audition. Because the story is partly told through scripted scenes and partly through burlesque/variety acts, we especially seek burlesque/variety performers with some theater experience as well as actors with dance or movement background and/or special performance skills. The script and the show will grow and be shaped through the rehearsal process by the collaborative input of the cast, based on their specific skills and the personalities they bring to the stage.

Pay: This is a non-Equity show. Performers and crew will be paid a split of the profits after Fringe box office receipts are paid out to the company.

Rehearsals: Rehearsal dates and locations will be finalized after casting to make the most of actor availability, but in general will be two weeknights and one weekend day or evening per week beginning early-mid May. Actors should expect to be called 1-2 times per week until later in the rehearsal process when we move into partial or full run-throughs.

Accomplices to the Shenanigans:

THE DIRECTOR, an Activist Artist: Any age, race, gender. Specifically seeking a strong spoken word/slam poet/freestyle artist with theater experience; this actor may play other bit parts throughout the show, but opens the show with a speech that could be a collaborative or their original work.


MARI, her husband, an Artisanal Hipster: This role has a burlesque number as well as other movement-based performance moments; a performer with drag or burlesque experience as well as strong comic skills preferred.

LACOUF, a Beltway Insider, Gerrymanderer, and obviously a Clown: Any age, race, gender. Physical comedy, clowning, and/or stage combat skills preferred.

PRESTO, a DC Politician and Corruption Expert, also a Clown: Any age, race, gender. Physical comedy, clowning, and/or stage combat skills preferred.

THE DETECTIVE, a Film Noir Refugee and Not At All Problematic Law Enforcement Officer: This role does not have to be cast male, but the character must clearly be a picture of cisgender masculine entitlement. Burlesque experience is preferred, but will work with the right non-burlesque actor who moves well and has very little dignity.

APOLLA, an Assertive Busker and Defender of Little Zanzibar: Any age, woman of color with good dance or movement skills; other performing skills welcome (her presentation as a busker will be determined by the actor’s skills).

SOCIAL MEDIA, no literally the character is Social Media: Any age, race, gender. This character is onstage for the entire play and provides asides, commentary, and ad libs. Strong comic improv skills preferred, with the ability to be a comedic presence without upstaging the action.

THE REPORTER, an Internet Social Commentator and Predestined Reality TV Producer with an Impressive YouTube Following: Written as female, any age or race; primarily a comic actor who moves well. Actor may play other small bits or take part in group dance numbers as well.

MÊME, the Clickbait Journalist offspring of Mari and Social Media: Small comedic role, any age, race, gender; actor will likely play other bit parts and/or take part in group dance numbers.

THE WOMEN OF LITTLE ZANZIBAR, Radicals, Activists, and Just Generally Fucking Over All This Bullshit, But Also Women With Lives and Shit to Do: Small dance chorus who also play most of the BABIES; any age or race, preference for burlesque performers or dancers with some theater experience, or actors with dance skills and an interest in burlesque-style group dance.

THE BABIES, Mari’s 40,049 offspring, Overgrown Infants of Various Professions: Not literally 40,049 roles due to fire code restrictions. See above. Other actors in small roles may also be tapped to add to the overwhelming sense of “babies everywhere”, but will not be required to dance.